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About Website Links Count Checker

Use this “Links Count Checker” tool for quick and simple checking of links on your web content
This free online tool is what you would like if you want to count what number outgoing links are there on a given page. website owners and webmasters should frequently check their external links on their websites to make sure the quality of an internet site.
More significantly, this tool will assist you to save cash and also the hassle of paying for advertising or link building from a less-than-credible service supplier. the use of “Link Farms” (pages or websites that exist just for reproducing backlinks) isn't a decent choice for search engine improvement because they need a specialized algorithmic rule that may discover such link building activities. It will really damage your website than assist you to optimize it.
So, it's suggested that you simply use this link count checker tool as a starting point to get rid of pages that would potentially damage the reputation of your website if you're attending to exchange links. Then, you'll be able to create additional analysis by manually reviewing the relevance of that specific web content.

Links Count Checker by Mysitewealth SEO Tools

One of the most necessary aspects of an internet site that almost all website owners worry regarding is the number link they need on their websites, each internal and external links. because the more and quality links an internet site has, the higher it will be graded by search engines like Google.
Our Link Count Checker will assist you to track the internal, external links and backlinks of your websites. it will also indicate if they're Dofollow or Nofollow links. In different words, this can be an incoming and outgoing links extractor as well as a counter tool that's extremely helpful for search engine optimization.
We at Mysitewealth SEO Tools wish to provide website owners and webmasters the most effective tool which will count each the internal and external links as this may provide them a decent plan regarding the link value of their website.
This Link Count Checker tool is very useful in obtaining all the required information that you simply will use in improving the quality of an online page. Usually, the website owner needs to examine how many internal and external links are there on a given website.

How to use this Link Count Checker tool?

This Link Count Checker tool is extremely simple to use. you simply need to enter the URL within the text field and then click on the “Check” button. Our system uses a unique algorithmic rule which will process your request and will generate the result in a second. The results can show you the following information:
•    Total links
•    Internal links
•    External links
•    Nofollow link
•    Dofollow links

Total links – is the total number of internal and external links that an internet site has. There are website links count checker tools that may also specify the number of duplicate links and empty anchors.
Internal links - are link pages which will be found on an internet site. they are normally connected to the website menu or by interlinks.
External links – are the links to different websites or also called partner websites. the higher the quantity of external links that an internet site has the better for search engine optimization. But, all links should be with relevant and reliable websites and not spam sites.
Nofollow link - are generally shown in red as they indicate the threat. The extent of the threat that they need to an internet site remains debatable. Still, you need to avoid nofollow links. popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are mechanically No-follow.
Dofollow link – are links that enable Google and different search engines to follow them and reach your website. this is link is useful for the website as a result of it can assist you to get a decent page ranking on search engines.
There is some website links count checker tools that may also determine the anchor text that is linking your website to a different site. this will assist you in analyzing the text to make more Dofollow links.

How to get more Follow Links?

The most efficient way to get do-follow links is to use this website links count checker tool. From the results, you'll be able to begin implementing necessary changes on your pages to create your links more appealing to search engines. The links (both internal and external) should be regarding the web page content and utilized in correct context to assist you with SEO.
You can also do guest blogging on the same website that has page authority to assist increase website traffic that would also lead to a much better page ranking on completely different search engines like Google.
The search engine’s ranking criteria uses a unique algorithmic rule that may process data intelligently. Those websites that attempt to fool these search engines by shopping for malicious links or using farm links won’t succeed because they need some way of detecting such activities.

How will Dofollow and Nofollow Links have an effect on SEO?

Most search engines like Google were associating an internet site link to different connected sites and this created a quandary for several website owners and bloggers. Some used the chance to create money; spurious link farms were offered to naive website owners and webmasters. they're only responsive to the importance of external links that is why they fell for paid farm links.
However, it leads to another quandary because links that contain poor content were placed on totally different web-blog sites and connected to websites. It became a giant downside for hard-working website owners and bloggers so that they inserted no-follow in their sites to put a stop to this dangerous practice.
Google and different search engines were also affected and had to change their ranking algorithms. They created a system that may check the validity of links and also enforced the No-follow concept in addressing spurious and spam websites.
Many website owners became more cautious of getting No-follow links being associated with shopping for links from unknown sources and instead relied on linking with reliable sources or websites.