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About Server Status Checker

The server status checker is a tool. The server status checker tool is widely to check server information where the website is hosted. When you check the server status of the website, the Server status checker tool returns the some response code. These codes have a meaning which you can read below. We provide Best online server status checker tool online.

If you want to check server status of any website, then just enter your website name in the text box and click on the submit button. After clicking on the submit button, the Server status check tool starts to check server status, when the server status checker tool find out the status of the requested URL, then it shows on the screen.

Meaning of response code, return by the server-

  1. 200: if server return response code 200, it means server is running and return the website which you have requested
  2. 301: is server return response code 301, it means website has moved to new address permanently and domain has been redirected to new location.
  3. 302: if server return response code 302, it means website is redirected to new location for temporary.
  4. 307: it is same meaning like 302 code
  6. 401: Unauthorized access.
  7. 403: Forbidden, if server returns the response code 403, it means server will not show the content, if you have not authenticated to access this content.
  8. 404: If server returns the response code 404, it means requested URL is not found on the server.
  9. 410: it is like 404 response code
  10. 500: Internal  server error,


Why is server status checker tool so important for developer?

If you are a web developer, and your handle some website, then you can face these type of problem then you can understand the server response or you can check server status by using this server status tool