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About Meta Tag Generator

Meta tag generator is a tool, this tool creates meta tag description for the website. We provide best meta tag generator, you can create meta description for a website, just enter some details on  this tool and click on the submit button. After clicking on the submit button you see the meta tag description on the screen, just copy this code and  paste this code on your website to the header section.

What is meta tags?

Meta tags are html tags, which contains some information about the website, but this information does not show on a web page to the user. But these meta tags help search engine for reading about the website nature.

Why is meta tags generator so important in SEO?

We have described about meta tags above, So if you are doing SEO for a website, then you need to add these tags on the website.Because the search engine reads these tags and trying to know about the website nature and shows a website on the search result pages, if the keyword searched on the search engine related to the website nature. For doing this activity meta tags generator is more helpful.

Four Types of Meta tags:

  1. Meta Title Tag: Text written inside tag tag shows on the top os the browser. This is most effective tag on meta tag generator becuase most of search engine display title tag on search reasult. All search engine reads this title tag and trying to understand about website content.
  2. Meta Description Tag: Inside this tag tag we write about short description about website page content. when user open website this meta description does not shows to user on website but search engine display this content on search result page so user can understand short overview about website content with the help of the meta description tag .
  3. Meta keyword tag: In this tag we write about keyword which is related to website content. Suppose your website is about meta tag generator then you can write keyword like meta tag generator tool, generate meta tag online free etc.
  4. Meta Robots tag: In this tag you tells about search engine tag search engine follow this page or not.

How can you generate meta tags on mysitewealth?

If you want to generate meta tags for your website on mysitewealth then follow given these simple steps. First of all write a short title about your website and paste it on title tag text box, after this write short description about your website page content and pase it on short description tag and then write keyword for your website content and paste ot on the keyword box. Select dropdown from allow search engine to index your page and then select allow robot to follow all links.After completing these meta tags, select type of content about your website and then select primary language of the your website. Last two step is allow search engine when visit your website and author of website. After writing all these meta tag click on  generate meta tag button. And after click on button you can copy your meta tag from the screen.