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The DNS test in Mysitewealth SEO Tools can check your DNS health and assist you notice errors, and verify that you simply website url and server has been created properly.

The DNS check can mechanically determine that DNS servers square measure utilized by the website url name you specify, then perform variety of tests on them to create positive that the name is correctly created which those DNS servers square measure responding in a very consistent and proper manner.

There is additionally a DNS troubleshooting guide to assist you interpret the potential errors and status messages for your DNS check.

We hope you may realize this take a look at useful. If you got any queries relating to the take a look at you'll examine it here, regarding the take a look at.

Very shortly regarding the DNS

The website url name System (abbreviated DNS) is just place just like the phone book of the net. It helps all of us, the users, keep track of web site names like or, instead of having to recollect the IP-address that the pc has to begin any kind of communication.

The DNS allows you to surf the net along with your application program using URLs, that area unit much more handy and simple to recollect than IP-addresses, however it additionally helps our emails notice their way to the right recipients.

So in brief, the DNS is totally essential for everybody using the net.

More About Find DNS records

DNS report provides you the whole info concerning your Name servers. Enter name within the input box higher than and click on on Check DNS report button. What this report can include?

1. NS records listed at parent servers: this may come all server records by parent server e-g:[][TTL=172800] [] [TTL=172800]

2. Domain Listing: it'll check either your domain is hosted on parent server or not

3. NS records listing: it'll check your server have NS records listed or not.

4. Check A & WWW records: it'll check server have A and WWW records for every domain or it shared records with one another. conjointly check if WWW record have a public IP address or a personal IP address.

5. Check Name Servers Respond: it'll check all of your NS works properly or not. conjointly IP addresses for every nameservers tested and check if all name servers have totally different IP addresses. it'll conjointly check the entire variety of name servers and native name server answers. This section also will check missing NS records sort of a, TXT, CNAME, etc. communications protocol affiliation is additionally pinged, it's suggested that your server enable communications protocol affiliation.

6. begin of Authority (SOA) Tests: This take a look at can check SOA records, serials numbers of your name servers, Format of the serial variety, SOA Refresh price, SOA try price, SOA Expire price and SOA Minimum TTL price.

7. Mail money handler (MX) Tests: Check duplicate magnetic flux unit records entries and validate hostname of magnetic flux unit records. If magnetic flux unit records have reverse DNS entries it'll show them.