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About Backlink Checker

The backlink checker is a tool, this tool is used to searching backlinks of the website. Backlink is a type of hyperlink, this hyperlink is a website url. If the website added a URL of another website on his content, and this content is related to another website nature, then this is called backlink for another website. We provide best backlink checker tool free online. If you want to check backlink of your website, then just enter your website URL, and our backlink checker tool will count your website backlink and after finding out backlink of your website, it will show on screen.

If the website's backlink is more, then search engine improves website's ranking in search result page.  Backlink is also one factor to increase domain authority.

Why is Backlink checker so important in SEO?

If you are an SEO expert, then you could need to search the backlinks for the website. Backlink is an important factor to increase website traffic and improving the website ranking in search result page. You can’t find the website backlinks manually, it is  lengthy process . So you can use backlink checker tool to find the website backlinks easily. Just enter your website URL and our backlink checker tool will search your website backlinks.